we're afraid because he's coming back in three days :)

we don't need a tattoo to write down on our body

we finally have found the perfect colour

we can't wait to receive our new ones

we feel vulnerable

we think he deserves an original name

we let our fantasy see what she wanna see


we love our blog: errata corrige

we thank Serena* for her suggestions (*also known as satan's daughter)

we think Marcel Duchamp would love this lamp

we enjoy life, we eat macarons! :)

we find it hard to get out of bed

we have panic syndrome when anxiety is around

we wish you a sunny november tuesday

we definitely are in love with the wearing effect of time

we ask u to bring, at least one of us, with u


we found our own alphabet

we don't have green thumb, but no matter

we have a destiny

we think everyone wears its own mask

we're creating new connections

we wish you a good monday

we're happy when we found a catchin' book