we believe in signs

we are made of what we choose

we are thinking about the perfect clotheshanger

we would like to be set designers

we feel free today

we won't drink alchool anymore

we offer this post to our two Davide


we had a fruitful sunday

we would like to eat outside but it rains

we don't care if it's a rainy monday

we are going to party, soon

we need an help for our many "to do"

we are never out of style

we don't need valentine days

we opened the pumpkin's soup season

we say good morning to our fans


we believe in the power of transformation

we want to be in good form

we love unusual forms of communication

we know how to ask things in the right way :)

we love folk style

we feel one

we have retrò style bathrooms

we don't feel embarassed for doing kids stuff

we always look for themes

we love differences

we adore collaborative men

we're welcoming winter


we are quite sure he will steal hearts

we are thinking to peel our walls

we appreciate little suggestions

we're completely in love with old laces

we always have many of them

we are going to create our first set design

we don't feel like princesses

we are... married!