we appreciate pati yang

we'll go to paris together, i swear

we'd better not to have one, today

we're self-sufficient

we give you an anticipation

we dare to be different

we dream to take that bus

we don't have holidays with our family for a long, long time

we are unexpected

we head a dream


we had a bad dream tonight

we don't arrive first at parties

we are far from ideal

we love challenges

we think about antigravity

we told the truth, that day

we wedge in such a shop

we look down starting from shoes

we fall head over heels, oft

we're polaroid supporters

we go shopping at "circolo marras"


we love happy ends

we feel lost, today

we don't chase after a train

we appreciate who is himself

we do brainstorming everyday

we don't have enough room for our clothes

we handmade 100%

we think he should have good reasons

we have our own alphabet

we make a gift to ourselves and today we stop working at 18


we think positive

we are ready for anything

we too

we would be neighbors, the city would gain a lot

we're always on the same page

we think that grandparents are a great thing

we're looking for inspirations

we have found our ordinary hero

we don't have heroes

we should work less