we look forward to in spring

we are sad when an episode of grey's anatomy ends

we need a weekend out of town

we also have imaginary friends

we are good listeners

we would like to have a pied-à-terre in Paris

we believe in alternative energy

we are always ready to welcome

we love nature

we appreciate the snow power of suggestion

we're pacifist citizen

we go crazy for red with white dots

we trust in pilates

we're not afraid

we probably wrong epoch

we felt in love with deer glances

we're fragile, most of the time

we agree


we always find the time for a kiss

we have a great imagination. larger than an A3.

we have too little space for all our ideas

we love some silence

we are soooo do re mi fa sooool

we don't always like to be here.

we think family can help starting better every single day.

we can't without breakfast

we're on the same page

we are easy to please

we think she's hot