we prefere amusing women

we demand to eat beautiful food

we adore this poster

we just moved

we're discovering new routes

we wanna be always awake

we're making up ourselves for a night out with friends

we're almost on vacations


we've persuaded him we're able to create clouds

we think it's time for a cup of tea

we're gonna go watching his concert soon :)

we look for it everyday of our lives

we think this is sexy

we wish you a sunny summer

we introduce you the Sleeping beauty under the forest

we make your mouth water

we didn’t realize how lucky it was having three months of holidays


we're working on a new collection

we used to have our perfect place

we don't appreciate injustice

we think a riverside is the best place to flirt

we want peace

we're brave and stupid, as well

we love to read outdoor

we perceive a smell of apple cake

we are very inspired by frames


we let the children play... a lot

we need objects around us to feel home

we believe in couples

we never feel alone

we never feel alone because of you

we go crazy with decay

we guess life is easier than we think

we always try not to be repetitive

we never had the chance to eat a croissant in front of a jewelery window

we are a bit confused with fairytales

we have decided to open comments on our blog

we found a solution, maybe

we need a relaxing massage

we are surrounded by ever younger art directors