we know men and women will always have communication problems

we have a dream

we feel so small

we fade from memories

we have wild imagination

we appreciate useful details

we care of our archive

we assume flowers are more beautiful under the rain

we are optimistic


we thank you because we feel your support

we like modern style alice

we try hard to follow this advice

we keep mails we care about

we love turning poor stuff into artistic creation

we are in love

we are mad about anthropologie world


we're confident

we can't wait to enjoy that wedding

we're candy greedy

we are for new romantic kind of love

we vacillate

we love the DØ music & faces

we need longer nights

we dislike drastic measures


we need a no anxiety trainer

we saw "Memento"

we've got green fingers

we're attending a cooking course

we're proud to introduce u... POIS!

we don't want a damp saturday

we'd be loyal customers of this shop